Review: William De Foore Audio Books

William De FooreSo who is William De Foore? He is a counselor who has diversified into many areas, including anger management. He has 35 years of experience and knows many different approaches to therapy.

William has produced an audio book aimed at helping people beat anger. The idea is to have the contents of a good anger management book spoken to you. This has some advantages over traditional self-help books. The big advantage of the audio format is that De Foore’s voice is calming, soothing and empathetic.

What I like about this audio book is that it teaches you about anger. It’s not just about trying to solve the immediate problem, but of totally understanding your anger. I found that I understood anger in me and other people at a much deeper level after listening.

I also found the audio book easy to listen too, and in a way it is quite addictive. His voice is soothing and makes you feel at home immediately, and I could listen to the tracks all day long. I did the work on assessing my anger level and found this very interesting. I had never analysed myself like this before, and I admit I found this difficult to do. It was very worthwhile.

There is not much negative I can think of about this audio book. The only thing I think he could add is the option to get a physical CD sent by post. It is not a problem however for you to burn the audio book to CD and only takes a couple of minutes. If you need help with this contact me and I can send you a link.

As this is a review, I guess I should give a final verdict. So here it is: 9/10. I would definitely recommend this audio book. Be aware that you can buy the product with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Click here to visit the audio book website.

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Anger Management Techniques

William De Foore Program Tracks

  • 1. What Kind of Anger Do You Have?
  • 2. Reasons for Being Angry
  • 3. Understanding How Anger Works
  • 4. How Your Anger Became a Problem
  • 5. Assessing Your Anger Level
  • 6. Skills for Lowering Your Anger Level
  • 7. Breathing and Imagery Techniques
  • 8. Various Images of Anger Release
  • 9. Sending Love and Justice
  • 10. Journaling Technique
  • 11. Physical & Vocal Anger Release
  • 12. The Power Position
  • 13. The Temper Tantrum Technique
  • 14. Vocal Release Techniques
  • 15. When to Seek Professional Help
  • 16. Emotional Healing Exercise
  • 17. Healthy Anger
  • 18. Affirmations for Spiritual Warrior
  • 19. Communication Skills
  • 20. The Protective Power Within You

Click here to visit the audio book website.