Anger Relationship Advice

relationship heart handsRelationship Advice for Anger in relationships – here I refer to loving, sexual relationships such as boyfriend and girlfriend or marriage. Anger in a relationship is common and a destructive force which will eventually push two people apart. It can cause resentment and bitterness and even feelings of hatred and loathing for the other person, which erode love and compassion. Anger in relationships does cause them to come to an end or go into an endless cycle of despair. But am I exaggerating?

Well I don’t think I am, I have seen this first hand in my own relationships and those in my family. It only takes one of the two people to have an anger issue. The anger could be triggered by anything, e.g. money issues, jealousy and fear of infidelity, hidden expectations, general anger at life taken out on the other person. If this is happen to you it is wise to seek relationship advice.

Dealing with anger in a relationship is tricky because two are involved. The angry person going to a counselor for anger and relationship advice, if they want to that is, can help. However I think that relationship counseling can be very effective. Because both partners attend the counseling it creates something in common and when partners open up to each other it can rekindle feelings of love and kindness that are really needed. A good hug may result from the experience!

Relationship issues are often said by psychologists to be an echo of family life of the individuals when they were younger. A relationship is an opportunity to re-enact those childhood roles, and relive any traumas experienced earlier in life. Simply recognising this can help to understand the current situation. Should you be angry at your parents for bringing you up to be an angry person? It is natural to feel like that, however it may be wise to have a long term goal of forgiving your parents.

Even though current issues may be echoes from the past, many counselors take a here and now approach in the therapy, and probably wont dig up the past too much but they may ask you to reflect. My relationship advice is that if you or your partner
have an anger issue and it affects your relationship act NOW! Get it sorted before it is too late. Give your relationship a chance. Even if it destined to come to an end, sorting out the anger could mean an amicable end rather than a hurtful ending. And if it is not destined to come to an end, then the decision to resolve anger could be the happiest decision you have made.