Anger Management Games

kids playing games cartoonAnger Management Games refers to games such as board games or role playing games where the aim is to learn something about controlling anger, or something about everyday situations that can help learn about relationships in general.

Games can be useful for children, who learn a lot through playing games anyway. Games can help children develop language skills, team play, listening skills, the ability to take turns and tolerate waiting.

The 7’s game

A simple game I came across involves having a number of players and a number of prizes one less than the number of players. The prizes can be various different things that have a small value. The game involves dealing a card to each player
in turn. If they get a 7 or lower they take a prize and sit out for the rest of the game. If they get more than a 7 they will not get a prize at that point but remain in the game.

The game continues in a circle until all the prizes have been given out, leaving one player without a prize. The idea is then to discuss the feeling of the players and particularly the losing player. For example what was your reaction when you
didn’t get the card you wanted. Another example is if you were angered, how did you express that emotion?

This game is probably more effective for children where they will value the prizes and perhaps react more to the game, whereas adults may see where this is going and may not be too phased by losing a game for a small prize. Although having said this, it could be useful to demonstrate the concept even if it doesn’t trigger any angry feelings.

Anger Management Games can help children and adults learn something about anger in a way that is interactive and will aid memory perhaps more than reading a textbook or watching a film. The interactive part and self-discovery part and of course the fun are key to this.

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