Hello Dear Visitor,

My name is Martin and I have written this site because I have experienced long continuing episodes of anger in personal relationships. It almost caused the end of my relationship with my girlfriend due to the stubbornness and bad feeling caused by regularly getting
angry. This was a self-reinforcing cycle. I really needed to learn to chill out but of course it isn’t that easy. Half the battle was recognising I even had a problem. You can read my full story here.

I have developed this site as a resource of useful information to help you deal with the anger in your life, whether that anger is with you specifically, or you are affected by other peoples anger. Everyone has a different taste in personal help. For example some people may see a counselor, whilst others may prefer to fix up a punch bag in the garage! There is no answer to suit everyone so we present a wide range of solutions to give you inspiration and hope. The hope that you can solve your current problems is often the first step that is needed on a journey
of recovery.

A word on how we spell counselor

There are two ways to spell counselor. One is with the single L and the other has two Ls i.e. counsellor.

The LL version is the British spelling and the L version is the American. I will use the American spelling (i.e. counselor) because that is what most of our visitors will use. However I am British myself so that wasn’t an easy decision!


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